Course Selection!

Course Selection for next school year is underway at Essex Tech!

Week of Feb 27- March 7th: Course Offering Review by Instructors

  • Instructors shared information about next year’s courses with their students.
  • Instructors also began the process of recommending students for different course levels

March 9th – March 24th: Guidance Lessons/Student Selection

  • Guidance Counselors will visit classes to lessons to support students with making informed decisions about SY17-18 courses
  • Promotion and graduation requirements will be reviewed. College admissions, union considerations, and career placement themes will be discussed as well.
    • March 9- 14:
      • Grade 10 Lessons: English Classes
    • March 15- 21:
      • Grade 9 Lessons in Academic Skills Classes
      • Grade 11 Lessons in English Classes

March 27-31Course Selection Sheet*** distribution to students for Parental Review, Feedback and & Approval

April 3-7: Course Selections Sheets due back to Academy Offices

***Class visits are expected to conclude by March 24.  Shortly thereafter, students will bring home “Course Selection Sheets” for parental review, feedback and approval.  In preparation for this final phase of course selection, please talk with your son/daughter about their interests and their instructors’ recommendations.   Parents are very also much encouraged to consult with instructors during this phase for additional information about courses and level recommendations.    For additional information about course offerings and course levels, visit