Associated Teachers/Faculty

Mr. Peter Magee, Mr. Scott Hatch, Mr. John Eaton

Career Program Description

Carpentry is one the oldest and most respected professions. In the course of this program students begin with small woodworking projects, in order to obtain instruction and experience on tools throughout the CTE area, as well as different concepts of building. They gain experience in measuring, cutting, fastening, and hand/power tool use. As sophomores students will work on various workstations throughout the CTE area during the year providing experiences in the fundamentals of carpentry such as rough framing, plan reading, exterior siding applications, interior finish, and general safety on hand and power tools.

Building a house, or comparable project, gives the students on-the-job experience as a part of the program’s hands-on curriculum during the students junior and senior years. Teamwork, safety, and employability skills are also emphasized. Throughout sophomore, junior, and senior year, students learn to redevelop concepts of building while learning/strengthening skills that they can use when in the workforce.

Licenses that may be obtained while enrolled in this program are: Hilti and Ramset Powder Actuated Tool Licenses, 10-Hour OSHA Certification, ICC Certification for Residential Building Codes, and 1-Year Creditable Service towards the Construction Supervisor License (CSL) work requirements.

Affiliations: Massachusetts Carpenter’s Union, International Code Council

Career Paths

  • General Contractor
  • Remodeler, Carpenter’s Union
  • Laborer’s Union, Interior / Exterior Finish, Exterior Siding Specialist, Roofer
  • Architect, Interior Design
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management, Estimating, Custom Cabinet Maker, Heavy Equipment Operator, Building Inspector

Related Activities

  • Weatherization program through NSCC
  • Cooperative Education Job Placement


  • Open House
  • Guided Tours
  • Guest Speakers
  • Program Advisory Committee Meetings