Staff Directory

Main School Phone Number (978) 304-4700

PhotoFirst NameLast NamePosition (Academy/Location)ExtensionEmail Address
allenRobertAllenWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 9/10 Health and Physical Education
8164[email protected]
ballasElizabethBallasSchool Psychologist (E)1003[email protected]
barrioKellyBarrioMathematics Teacher (E)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Math
Algebra II H
Algebra III/Trig CP
Precalculus ACP and H
8115[email protected]
MichaelBassettoTransportation - Dispatch & Maintenance7402[email protected]
99322ElaineBatzerInformation Technology Services Teacher (B)3216[email protected]
BeauparlantJedBeauparlantHistory Teacher (D)
United States History I - CP, ACP, Honors
United States History II - CP ACP, Honors
8145[email protected]
EmilyBergeronSchool Adjustment Counselor (E) 5207[email protected]
bessomMarilynBessomCosmetology Teacher (D)8219[email protected]
bickerstaffJohnBickerstaffCulinary Arts Teacher (B)8221[email protected]
biltonJustinBiltonEnglish Teacher (A)
Grade 9 English - CP, ACP, Honors
Grade 10 English - CP, ACP
Genocide Studies
8109[email protected]
blanchetteMarkBlanchetteGraphic Communications Teacher (B)8235[email protected]
boncalBethBoncalMathematics Teacher (E)

Algebra I H
Algebra II ACP
Algebra III/Trig CP
8118[email protected]
bonneviePatriciaBonnevieSecretary, Special Education (B)2101[email protected]
brennanJonBrennanMathematics Teacher (B)
Algebra I CP
Enhanced Algebra I
Geometry ACP
Grade 10 Math Seminar
8114[email protected]
bruckerMatthewBruckerWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 9/10 Health and Physical Education
3014[email protected]
15300CarolBrunacciniGraphic Communications Teacher (B)8236[email protected]
brushNicoleBrushMathematics Teacher (A)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Math,
Geometry ACP & Hnors
Algebra II CP
8102[email protected]
campbellDebbieCampbellSecretary, Construction & Technology Academy (E)5105[email protected]
cedorchukDianeCedorchukSecretary to Principal, Humanities & STEM Directors (C)3313[email protected]
chouinardRichardChouinardMathematics Teacher (E)
Algebra I CP
Geometry CP & Honors
Enhanced Algebra II
8121[email protected]
clarke-gGraceClarkeFood Service Manager (C)2008[email protected]
clarke-bBrooksClarkeAutomotive Technology Teacher (B)6007[email protected]
99416WilliamClarkeFarm Maintenance6502[email protected]
cloutmanPaulaCloutmanCulinary Arts Teacher (B)2115[email protected]
colemanJoelleColemanSpecial Education Teacher (E)8303[email protected]
collinsDavidCollinsMasonry & Tile Setting Teacher (E)8240[email protected]
comeouJeffComeauSpecial Education Paraprofessional (D)8324[email protected]
conardRobertConardCarpentry Teacher (E)8225[email protected]
connorsDanielConnorsGuidance Counselor, Gr. 9 Academies D & E (D)4106[email protected]
coppingerShawnCoppingerTechnology - Senior Network and Technical Support (C)1506[email protected]
corsonLindaCorsonEquine Science Teacher (A)8202[email protected]
creamerStacyCreamerBusiness Office -Purchasing (C/Smith)7204[email protected]
croftsPaulCroftsNatural Resource Management Teacher (A)8233[email protected]
crovettiLindseyCrovettiEnglish Teacher (B)
Grae 9 English - CP
Grade 10 English - CP, ACP
Grade 11 English - ACP, Honors
Grade 10 ELA Seminar
8329[email protected]
cummingsLaurenCummingsSpecial Education Paraprofessional (A)8325[email protected]
hamilton-dalphinMelissaDalphinScience Teacher (D)
Chemistry CP
Physics ACP & Honors
AP Physics
8134[email protected]
dashcundNancyDashcundEnglish Teacher (D)
Grade 10 English - Honors
Grade 11 English - ACP
Grade 12 English - ACP, Honors
Creative Writing
8129[email protected]
daviesDonnaDaviesDental Assisting Paraprofessional (D)8217[email protected]
dawesConnieDawesSpecial Education Team Chair (B)2103[email protected]
dentonHeatherDentonSchool Adjustment Counselor (E)5206[email protected]
desandoJosephDeSandoCulinary Arts Teacher (B)2116[email protected]
99355VincentDiGilioSpecial Education Teacher (A)8316[email protected]
dohertyKristinDohertyGuidance Counselor, Gr. 10-12 , Academy B (A)1109[email protected]
donnellyShannonDonnellyAssistant Principal, Freshman Academy and Admissions Coordinator (D)4108[email protected]
douglasStevenDouglassScience Teacher (E)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Science
Biology I Honors
Biology II CP & ACP
8136[email protected]
99357KristinaDraganiScience Teacher (A)
Biology I ACP
Biology II CP
Forensic Science
8133[email protected]
dulleaBridgetDulleaWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 9/10 Health and Physical Education
8166[email protected]
emeryAustin TaylorEmerySpecial Education Teacher (B)8341[email protected]
enosStephanieEnosMathematics Teacher (D)
Algebra I ACP
Probability & Statistics
Algebra II CP
Precalculus Honors
AP Statistics
8123[email protected]
MarkFarrinScience Teacher (B)
Physics ACP & Honors
Introduction to Engineering
8132[email protected]
fitzpatrickJenniferFitzpatrickSpanish Teacher (D)
Spanish I
Spanish II
8113[email protected]
foleyCeleste FoleyDental Assisting Teacher (D)4120[email protected]
forsythThomasForsythAutomotive Technology Teacher (B)6001[email protected]
fullertonHeatherFullertonDental Assisting Paraprofessional8256[email protected]
galicaKennethGalicaMathematics & Science Teacher (B)
Algebra I CP & ACP
Introduction to Engineering
8116[email protected]
gangiJamesGangiElectricity Teacher (E)8227[email protected]
gansenburgCammyGansenbergScience Teacher (B)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Science
Biology I CP
Biology II ACP & Honors
8137[email protected]
38790MarianGarabedianSecretary, Guidance and Admissions (C)3312[email protected]
gargiuloStephanieGargiuloHealth Assisting Teacher (D)4114[email protected]
gibbsAlyssaGibbsEnglish Teacher (D)
Grade 10 English - ACP
Grade 11 English - CP, ACP, Honors
Horror Literature
8103[email protected]
99270DonaldGibsonAssistant Principal, Life & Natural Sciences Academy and Construction Technology Academy (E)5110[email protected]
gilmoreErinnGilmoreAssistive Technology Specialist (B)2206[email protected]
gilroyCassiaGilroyCosmetology Teacher (D)8220[email protected]
gogolosChristopherGogolosWellness Teacher
Grade 11/12 Health and Physical Education
8162[email protected]
goldstienSandraGoldsteinGuidance & Admissions Coordinator (C)3110[email protected]
gordonWilliamGordonScience Teacher (D)
Physics CP
Introduction to Engineering
8141[email protected]
99359MichaelGraceVeterinary Technology Teacher (A)8204[email protected]
grace-nNicoleGraceHistory Teacher (E)
United States History I - CP, ACP, Honors
United States History II - CP, ACP, Honors
8150[email protected]
grahamJonathanGrahamMathematics Teacher (B)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Math
Geometry CP
Algebra II ACP
Precalculus ACP
8339[email protected]
graham-tTimothyGrahamLandscape and Turf Management Teacher (E)8246[email protected]
guidaMichaelGuidaPlumbing Teacher (E)8207[email protected]
gwilliamMatthewGwilliamHistory Teacher (A)
United States History I - CP, Honors
World History - CP, ACP, Honors
Introduction to Psychology
8149[email protected]
99252IreneHachey Business Office, Payroll (C/Smith)7206[email protected]
hardingMichelleHardingGuidance Counselor, Grade 9 Academies A & B (D)4107[email protected]
hayesGregoryHayesHistory Teacher (E)
United States History I - CP, ACP
World History - CP, ACP, Honors
8151[email protected]
HaywoodCarinHaywoodEnglish Teacher (A)
Grade 9 English - ACP
Grade 11 English CP, ACP
Grade 12 English - CP, ACP, Honors
8105[email protected]
herseyAshleyHerseyWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 9/10 Health and Physical Education
8167[email protected]
hickokDavidHickokEnglish Teacher (A)
Grade 9 ELA Academic Skills Workshop
Grade 10 English - CP, ACP, Honors
A.P. English Language and Composition
8106[email protected]
holmanKathleenHolmanCTE Coordinator Academies D & E (D)3106[email protected]
HoltMeghanHoltHealth Assisting Teacher (D)4109[email protected]
horganLisaHorganSecretary, Life & Natural Sciences Academy (D)4101[email protected]
hubbardMatthewHubbardSpecial Education Teacher (A)8317[email protected]
irelandKennethIrelandTransportation Mechanic - Garage6501[email protected]
johnsonTimothyJohnsonEnglish Teacher (D)
Grade 9 CP, ACP, Honors
Grae 12 CP, Honors
A.P. English Literature and Composition
8112[email protected]
jorgensonTraceyJorgensonSpecial Education Paraprofessional (E)8343[email protected]
juanJuanJuanStudent Supervisor (B)8159[email protected]
karakaedosCarissaKarakaedosCTE Coordinator Academies A & B (A) & Adult Education Director1109[email protected]
99503LisaKeeganSpanish Teacher (D)
Spanish I
Spanish II
8153[email protected]
kellyRobinKellySchool Receptionist/Switchboard (C)1010[email protected]
kimaniJoyceKimaniEnglish Teacher (E)
Grade 9 English - Honors
Grade 9 ELA Academic Skills Workshop
8107[email protected]
80810KathyKindlerSchool Registrar (C)1501[email protected]
53655EllenKlineSchool Adjustment Counselor (E)5208[email protected]
kroesserMaryKroesserPupil Services & Human Resources Director (C)3108[email protected]
lacroixBrianLaCroixBehavior Specialist (A)1004[email protected]
99372FarahLalliAthletic Director & Wellness Teacher (C/D)3012[email protected]
landryMaryLandrySpecial Education Paraprofessional (A)8142[email protected]
laporteArlyssaLaPorteBiotechnology Teacher (D)8213[email protected]
99374ElizabethLariveeSecretary, Animal & Plant Sciences Academy (A)1105[email protected]
lavioeTimothyLavoieMasonry & Tile Setting Teacher (E)8241[email protected]
lebelElizabethLebelTitle I Program Assistant (B)8158[email protected]
leetePamelaLeeteEnglish Teacher (B)
Grade 9 English - ACP
Grade 10 English - CP, ACP, Honors
Grade 11 English - ACP, Honors
8154[email protected]
levesque-rRichardLevesqueElectrician (C)5009[email protected]
levesqueCandaceLevesqueAdministrative Assistant to the Superintendent /Director(C/Smith)7102[email protected]
loringJasonLoringGuidance Counselor, Gr. 10-12, Academy E5108[email protected]
louizosStephenLouizosSpecial Education Teacher (B)8308[email protected]
lucidoStacyLucidoSpecial Education Team Chair (B)2102[email protected]
lucierDavidLucierAutomotive Technology Teacher (B)6008[email protected]
lupiniWilliamLupiniSuperintendent-Director7102[email protected]
60300JohnLynchAthletic Office Assistant (C)3011[email protected]
lynch-gGinaLynchSpecial Education Paraprofessional (A)8323[email protected]
FilenisMacArthurSpanish Teacher8157[email protected]
mandelbaumDavidMandelbaumHistory Teacher (B)
United States History I - CP, ACP
United States History II - CP, ACP, Honors
The American Presidency
8143[email protected]
marinoJosephMarinoTechnology-IT & Network Administrator (C)1504[email protected]
mcdonaldSandiMcDonaldBusiness Office, Accounting (C/Smith)7203[email protected]
mearsCynthiaMearsAdministrative Assistant to Pupil Services & Human Resources Director (C)3311[email protected]
meehanKateMeehanAnimal Science Teacher (A)8321[email protected]
99472KellyMelloGuidance/Admissions Counselor (D)4105[email protected]
menesale-cClariceMenesaleEquine Science Teacher (A)8201[email protected]
menesaleEvanMenesaleCulinary Arts Teacher (B)8252[email protected]
mckayKarenMillsHistory Teacher (E)
World History - CP, ACP, Honors
A.P. European History
Modern European History
World Cultures
8148[email protected]
miniganLaurenMiniganSpecial Education Teacher (D)8318lminigan
montagueJulieMontagueGuidance Counselor, Gr. 10-12, Academy D (E)5109[email protected]
99254BradMorganPrincipal (C)3313[email protected]
mulloyNicoleMulloySchool Nurse3119[email protected]
mulryElizabethMulrySpecial Education Teacher (D)8319emulry
murhy-mMichaelMurphyWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 11/12 Health and Physical Education
8342[email protected]
nieberleKeithNieberleAutomotive Collision and Repair Teacher (B)6009[email protected]
niscoChristopherNiscoSpecial Education Teacher (D)8304[email protected]
nobleStephenNobleArboriculture Teacher (E)8248[email protected]
noonanRichardNoonanSpecial Education Teacher (B)8307[email protected]
norrisJanetNorrisSpecial Education Director (B)2105[email protected]
obrien-dDonnaO'BrienLibrary Assistant (C)3201[email protected]
obrien-gGregoryO'BrienWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 11/12 Health and Physical Education
8160[email protected]
odonnellCaseyO'DonnellGuidance Counselor, Gr. 10-12, Academy A1108[email protected]
oriellyDeborahO'ReillyBiotechnology Teacher (D)8130[email protected]
ThomasO'TooleAcademics Director (C)3108[email protected]
odianMaryOdianSpecial Education Paraprofessional (B)8327[email protected]
orsoKelliOrsoSPED Paraprofessional & Nurses' Office Assistant (B)8328[email protected]
pellegrinoLeandraPellegrinoVeterinary Technology Teacher (A)8203[email protected]
pentaFaithPentaSpecial Education Teacher (E)8302[email protected]
perezMiguelPerezHVACR Teacher (E)8258[email protected]
planteJillianPlanteLandscape Teacher (A)8244[email protected]
polanLouisPolanScience Teacher (E)
Biology I CP & ACP
AP Biology
8138[email protected]
pontesEmilyPontesStudent Supervisor (D)8346[email protected]
prestonKaseyPrestonSpecial Education Paraprofessional (B)8340[email protected]
rajanSreedeviRajanScience Teacher (A)
Chemistry ACP & Honors
Physics CP & ACP
8111[email protected]
photo-not-yet-availbleMaryellenRancourtGrants Manager (C/Smith)7104[email protected]
rasmusJillRasmusNatural Resource Management Teacher (A)8253[email protected]
rickertBrianReickertEnglish Teacher (D)
Grade 10 English - Individualized
Grade 11 English - Individualized, CP, ACP, Honors
Grade 12 - CP, ACP
8104[email protected]
RobouchardEdwardRobichaudTransportation Mechanic - Garage6501[email protected]
robinsonMaureenRobinsonSpeech and Language Pathologist (A)1208[email protected]
rodolicoTammyRodolicoTechnology Director (C)1502[email protected]
roumeliotisChristoRoumeliotisStudent Supervisor (A)8344[email protected]
royMonicaRoyEnglish Teacher (A)
Grade 9 English - CP, ACP, Honors
Grade 10 English - CP, ACP, Honors
8108[email protected]
russelJamesRussellPlumbing Teacher (E)8250[email protected]
78750KathleenRussoTransportation Director (C / McNamara-O'Shea)7401[email protected]
Russo, TTerrieRussoSpecial Education Teacher (D)8314[email protected]
99397MarnieRyanSchool Nurse (C)3118[email protected]
santorsolaMarkSantorsolaHVACR Teacher (E)5114[email protected]
scofieldHaleyScofieldAnimal Science Paraprofessional8262[email protected]
photo-not-yet-availbleRoySilvaCarpentry Teacher8263[email protected]
skaneJenniferSkaneAssistant Principal, Animal & Plant Science Academy and Technology & Services Academy (A)1105[email protected]
smith-mMichelleSmithSpecial Education Teacher (A)8305[email protected]
smith-rRebeccaSmithVeterinary Technology Teacher (A)8206[email protected]
spruanceJoelSpruanceTeacher Induction Supervisor & History Teacher(C/B)
United States History II - Honors
Street Law
1106[email protected]
st-pierre-aAndrewSt. PierreSpecial Education Teacher8306[email protected]
JosephSt. PierreFacilities Manager5006[email protected]
stackhouseAdamStackhouseEnvironmental Technology Teacher (D)8229[email protected]
starkJasonStarkHistory Teacher (B)
United States History II - ACP, Honors
Genocide Studies
Introduction to Psychology
8147[email protected]
stevensSusanStevensSpecial Education Coordinator (C)2103[email protected]
stewartMeganStewartMathematics Teacher (A)
Geometry CP & ACP
Algebra II CP & Honors
Personal Finance
8120[email protected]
stilwellDinaStilwellBusiness Office (C/Smith)7205[email protected]
stoneMauraStoneTitle I Teacher (B)
Reading Skills Seminar - Title I
3217[email protected]
strobKevinStrobHistory Teacher (B)
United States History II - ACP
World History - CP, Honors
Street Law
8152[email protected]
sullivan-sSeanSullivanHistory Teacher (A)
United States History I - ACP, Honors
World History - CP, ACP, Honors
History Through Media
8330[email protected]
sullivan-rRobertSullivanMathematics Teacher (E)
Algebra II CP & ACP
Personal Finance
8122[email protected]
sweenyDrewSweeneyCulinary Arts Paraprofessional (B)8259[email protected]
taylorCliffordTaylorFarm Manager (C/Smith)6604[email protected]
trottierRonaldTrottierAutomotive Collision and Repair Teacher (B)6002[email protected]
verringtonMarthaVerringtonSustainable Horticulture (A)8247[email protected]
wilburAnthonyWilburEnvironmental Technology Teacher (D)8231[email protected]
99373VanessaWildeEquine Science Teacher & Herdsperson (A)8208[email protected]
williamsGinaWilliamsDesign & Visual Communications Teacher (B)8226[email protected]
witzig-jJuliaWitzigWellness Teacher (D)
Grade 11/12 Health and Physical Education
8163[email protected]
witzig-aAnnWitzigEnvironmental Technology Teacher (D)8230[email protected]
xerrasChristosXerrasElectricity Teacher (E)8228[email protected]
youngRoseanneYoungScience Teacher (D)
Grade 9 Academic Skills Workshop Science
Biology I ACP
Biology II CP & Honors
8156[email protected]
zachariRitaZachariFood Service Assistant (C)2009[email protected]
99200MarieZnamierowskiBusiness Manager (C/Smith)7201[email protected]
zupanicMichaelZupancicMathematics Teacher (D)
Algebra I ACP & Honors
Geometry Honors
Calculus Honors
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
8124[email protected]
DeniseSmithHealth Assisting Substitute Teacher8305[email protected]
KimberlyNolanSubstitute Special Education Paraprofessional831`0[email protected]